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Halfway Homeless

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 18, 2014, 7:32 PM
  • Mood: Depressed
  • Playing: Bastion
  • Eating: Tacos


How's it going, everybody? Long time, no journal, huh? Quite a bit has changed for me since my last journal. For starters, I no longer have a home technically. Things finally blew up at my house so I'm now living with my sister and her family. It's not quite a home though but I'll get into that in a bit.

So what happened at my original home? Well if you're reading this, you've probably read my previous journals that detailed all the sort of family drama and junk that went on and can probably rightfully assume that the reason I'm no longer living at my old house is because of something along those lines. For years, my dad had entrusted me with the care of a few valuable family heirlooms.  The main reason hey were under my pseudo-ownership is that my dad works all day and my brothers being major  drug addicts who are always in desperate need for money to feed their addiction. Of course this often leads to certain items (or a car one time) turning up missing and later one of them ends up high as a kite for the next few nights.  I've had these family heirlooms stashed away for years, well hidden knowing the risks of my brothers and it finally happened, my eldest one found them and took one of them and traded it for pot. To add insult to injury, he traded an approximately $350 heirloom for about $50 worth of weed. He couldn't even get his damn monies worth for it.

Now as I said, my dad had entrusted me with safekeeping them, treating them with the respect and care I would my own property and then my eldest brother goes into my room while I'm away, turns the place upside down to find them and trade them for a pittance of pot. Needless to say, I was upset. The straw that broke the camel's back (a wild double metaphor appears!) was my dad's reaction. It was pretty much along the lines of "Herp derp, he stole from me for drug money again for a large amount of money but I don't want to make my almost thirty year old son mad so I'll just say you can have it anyway for your pot". My eldest brother doesn't even get a slap on the wrist even though he stole it and then, on my stern remarks of disapproval, was spoiling for a fight. My parents and my middle brother took his side in the argument they thought I was being completely irrational for getting pissed off that my room was torn upside down and I was stolen from, that I should have just accepted it because my dad said that he would just give them to him anyway after the fact he stole them so there was no need for me to feel outraged.
After that, I've finally had enough. My family made it clear that it is okay for my brothers to steal for drug money and that I should just shut up and let it happen, regardless of whether the belongings in question being stolen were entrusted to me for their safe-keeping or my own belongings. They are too damn scared of conflict to put their foot down and end this nonsense that my brothers do.

So I packed up my stuff and left. My sister, now officially married, left quite a while ago for similar reasons. She lives in a little house with her husband her two young kids. She took me in and I've been living there for the past month and a half. It's not really a good home for me though I am grateful to have a roof over my head. Her kids are very young, full of energy, and are extremely disobedient. They are always getting into trouble, yelling and screaming, and testing everyone's patience.  I don't sleep much these days and it's taken a toll on me. It's hard for me to focus on anything with little to no sleep and often I get stuck in the babysitter position. I suppose it's earning my keep but, no offense to my sister, it is very difficult to not become exhausted, physically and mentally, keeping an eye on them. I can see why she wanted an extra adult around. On top of that, I still can't get any work and the house is very small. I can't find a quiet spot in the house away from the yelling and screaming, or just someplace I won't be pestered all day by the kids. At least the weather has gotten warmer and I can go outside now.

Remember that whole eye appointment thing my sister set me up with that I mentioned in my last journal? Turns out that was a big waste of time. Figures though, you get what you pay for and free things fall through more often than not. I'm probably better off trying to find a good eye patch for the time being as I doubt I'll have the cash for a legit optometrist appointment anytime soon.

I haven't been able to get much art done at all since my last journal. I do have two sketches that I'm still working on, one of Rune and another of Vixey. I haven't drawn Vixey in years so that's something a little out of the ordinary. I've been wanting to make a small book of sorts (the online equivalent just being series of new art pieces)  that has character, location, creature, and any other kinds of references for things in the world of Demordicai Diamonds. If I ever do make any progress on it, my first goal would be drawing good references for three characters. I'm thinking I'll first go with Dalken and Rune (of course) and for a third I'm going to go with an oddball choice, probably the Fate/demigoddess Myra.

I apologize for my lack of activity. It's been tough trying to even keep my mood up enough to get much of anything done and noisy kids, unemployment, and not having a real home can really mess with your head. I make no promises on whether I'll have any new art or anything to show off anytime soon but maybe I'll at least be able to finish a few sketches in the next week or so.

One last thing, my sister dyed my hair blue.


Jacob Mace
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Weaselhatter Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey! I like your spartan llama!
JacobMace Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks! It's a cute little spartan llama. That cape looks quite dashing on it. =D
Weaselhatter Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I know!:happy: 
Droakir Mar 1, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the llama!
JacobMace Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome. =D
thanks for the Llama
JacobMace Feb 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome. =D
IamETOH Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
JacobMace Feb 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi Etoh! How have you been? I finally got to use my tablet for the first time today. I'm so bad at digital art, I feel like I'm learning how to draw all over again. :lol:
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