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Colored commissions are first penciled with a #2 pencil, then inked with a micron pen, and then colored with colored pencils.
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Sketch Commission: Mistgod by JacobMace
Simple art, done with a standard #2 pencil.
I can now make posters! Posters are 18in by 24in (that's 457mm by 607mm for anyone who uses metric) and are hand drawn, ink, and lastly colored with colored pencil. They are very time-consuming for me to do, taking around 30 hours or so depending on the level of detail.

I will first draw what is requested on a normal sheet of paper and get your approval to continue on to drawing it on poster-sized paper.

Since this is a new type of commission I'm now offering, I'll will be offering a 30% discount to whoever purchases the first poster. (28000:points: instead of 4000:points: that I intend to regularly charge.)

I will only accept one poster commission at a time.


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Hello everyone, Yep I'm still alive and kicking for the most part. I know its been a while since I've posted a journal or art lately but due to a few technical difficulties that happened last month it crippled and delayed me fiercely but I assure you my ability to persevere though life’s little challenges will be stronger than ever I can assure you.    So ONWARD TOWARDS MAIN EVENTS!!

#1 My car broke down while I was camping last month in the middle of know-where. FUN! It took me a few days to fix it but I eventually got it running before the park ranger could ticket me for turning the camp site into a grease monkeys garage.

#2 Me time.  For reasons even I'm not sure of, I decided to go for a stroll in to woods in the late evening I have many many paths that I like to take on these strolls of mine and they can take a while to walk through but its nice, refreshing and peaceful...until it gets dark. So without thinking I walked for several minutes until realized it would be way way dark before I would even reach the main roads back home. SO what did I do? I decided to stay in the woods until morning rather than risking the chance of stumbling or falling and getting hurt with no one to help me or worse finding an animal that doesn't like me that can see me but I cant see it.(worse fear ever.) So without food, camping gear or even a flashlights to help me spot any creepers in the dark the only thing I had with me was my knife and my .22 side arm. So I found a tree (that was safe!) for me to hang out in and spent the night discovering the beauty and wonder and even further more TERROR! of the forest at night. But after a few owl screeches later it wasn't all that bad and to tell you the truth it was was kinda fun. =D

#3 My brother...Graham. /=p   For the past couple month (what feels like a year in hells time!) my brother Graham has been preparing for a local comic con as a vender. This comic con is more like a charity for the red cross but its shows promising results for anyone who has a nerdy side to them to enjoy. His merchandise consist of vintage toys such as ninja turtles, GI Jo’s and pretty much any action cartoons from the 80s as well as cool Nintendo toys, and character plushies he handmade himself rather impressive looking and well made if you ask me. And most importantly the comic con is scheduled for on September 13th, my b-day. ( I'll be 26 -sigh-)  Sounds like a great thing right? What's the big deal?  THE BASTARD AS NOT STOP BITCHING ABOUT IT FOR THE LAST 3 MONTHS! Yes bitching! But not over anything bad or out of time line you see, its because he's getting too much attention over his wares. The folks around the area are wanting his stuff at an alarming rate. He even has a crazy amount of people requesting for custom plushies and are willing to pay his price too. But to him this is a disaster! He says he's too popular! And doesn't want to work on what other peoples crap, he wants to work on what he wants to do.(His words exactly.)  Never mind he will actually have to work on something he loves doing anyways!!!  He as also been bugging me to drive him around all over hells creation for odds and ends and not once has he offered any thanks or gas money for that matter. He has also been insisting we hang out on my B-day at the comic con. Witch translates into him wanting me to sit with him all day and probably leaving me to sit and watch his stuff while he looks around and as a great time. What a wiener. I think I'll skip the whole thing and do something else different, its just a shame he had to kill it for me. /=(

#4 Poison ivy!  Around the end of August I was helping the old man (Papa Mace aka Pepper.) with some yard work. We have done battle with the yard and field all summer long but the one thing we have tried to get ride of ever scene I was 7 is this vein of Poison ivy... no joke. this shit is immortal or something because we have tried everything chemically possible without the Geneva convention paying use a visit to destroy this stuff. Ever since with redone the front porch in concrete and got old wooden one this stuff has grown and grown and grown.  So I had just finished weed-eating around the house and everything was looking good..except the front porch, it looked like crap with all the ivy growing all over the place and it pissed me off. So I hit it with the weed eater and it barley cuts into it so I attack it with my machete works for the most part but I wanted to get rid of it once and for all. So with my bare hands I ripped it out from the roots all around the porch and in between the concrete steps. YAY! I DID IT! I finally after all these years got ride of the evil poison ivy but with a terrible cost, I'm severely allergic to poison... anything weather its poison ivy oak or sumac I just can't touch the stuff. And I forgot about what happened to me last time I messed with anything poison. About 15 years ago when I was just a spout, I was playing around an old fallen oak tree, I was digging in it roots, jumping of its huge branches having a grand old time. But I often went without a shirt all summer long because I hated when my shirt would stick to me when it got hot. So I was a dirt child and often got yelled at for it so later that evening my mom stops me and asked if I was playing outside in the sun because I looked really really red. I told her no I was playing around the old fallen tree in the shade and went about my day. Several hours later at dinner time I come to sit at the table to eat spaghetti my favorite dish at the time and still without my shirt. I started to notice everyone was really looking at me hard core and my first response was "what?" My brothers told me I looked like a tomato because I had swollen up so badly my parents took me to the hospital right then and there to get a epidural shoot. It took a few hours for the swelling to go down but it didn't do anything for the itching and that was when I learned what a allergenic reaction was. So 15 years later I get a reminder. Just 2 days after pulling the poison ivy out of its resting place my hands not only swelled but grew boils and it itches like crazy. Day 6 i developed rashes around my body and it sucked because they itched like crazy and I had forgotten that if you pop the bubbles it spreads the poison EVERYWHERE. I didn't go to the hospital only because it was days later I figured out that I was having a allergic reaction all along and why it wasn't going away so quickly. For the most part it has cleared up i will surely have a little scaring around my fingers but I'm sure as the sun sets that poison ivy will be back next year bigger than ever, mocking me.

#5 House sitting with a twist.  So now we have finally come to more current events. My sister Gretchen and her family has taken a vacation to myrtle beach and as left me in charge of there house for a week and also to watch over there family pet Milly a tea cup Yorkie. I’m not even sure it counts as a dog let alone a pet but I humored and said I'll make sure she doesn't fall into the couch pillows. =D  But a day ago I got a phone call while I was in the middle of watching a internet show known as Game Grumps. (FUNNY AS HELL.)  It was a response to one of the job application i sent to walmart. The lady said they wanted an interview but I had to meet then within a three hour time span. So I meet them within 45 minutes and did the interview I even had a chat with the manager about chickens of all things (I topic of its own.) and got the job. So I FINALLY HAVE A JOB AGAIN! After almost 6 years of wondering around unemployed I got my job back. Now all I need to do is keep the thing and I can manage from there. With some luck I can even look into getting my own place. But all in due time.

Sorry for the long ranting I know I said I would keep it simple but allot has happened in a month time and I just wanted to share my latest events everyone. As for art work, I'm still working on some details with my new setup back at the farm house and as soon as I have things adjusted all my free time will be dedicated to getting things back on track and even keeping in touch with everyone. If anyone has any questions do not be afraid to ask.

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